LOur Head Hunting activity is carried out with the help of our own database that is always updated. For each research we identify a Project Manager which together with the Client decides every phase of the process, defining the timing, route and locations of the selection.

The 4 fundamental phases:


Company analysis

In-depth study of the culture, reference values, organizational context and objectives of the client company.

Position analysis

Definition with the client of the ideal personal and professional profile of the candidate to be sought (technical and aptitude skills, objectives of the role and expectations)

Research and presentation

Research and presentation of a restricted shortlist of candidates - accompanied by an individual dossier - in line with company needs; assistance to the customer in the correct understanding and evaluation of profiles

Negotiation and follow up

Support in the possible negotiation phase of the proposal to the candidate; meetings and periodic follow-ups with companies and candidates to facilitate correct integration into the new organizational reality