• We work on our direct experience
    The experience of our experts, gained in management positions in the company and in consulting firms, ensures in-depth knowledge of the market and business problems and allows us to intervene with extreme flexibility and effectiveness.
  • We only offer services in which we are experts
    We offer targeted and efficient solutions because we offer customers only the services in which we have qualified skills to intervene, taking on assignments that we believe we can carry out successfully.
  • We offer the benefits of a lean structure
    We put people at the center of our work, establishing stable and lasting relationships with clients and candidates, based on understanding their needs and dialogue; we adopt a consolidated but constantly evolving methodology, adaptable to the unique needs of each reality and person.
  • We have an Italian and international culture
    This allows us to fully understand the needs of customers and candidates, both nationally and abroad, and to operate in close partnership with national and multinational companies of all sizes, belonging to the most diverse product sectors.


Method dedicated to candidates

From the database: our Head Hunting methodology is supported by a vast proprietary database, constantly updated, thanks to the extensive network of relationships established with candidates from the first interview. The topicality of our archive, ensured by a dedicated staff, supports us in the search for quick and effective answers to provide to our customers. To coaching: the candidates selected by us are assisted in every phase of the insertion process, with the utmost care and confidentiality. In the selection process, we rely on in-depth interviews, always evaluating not only professional attitudes, but also consistency with company values, the underlying motivations for change and growth prospects.


Compensation survey

Strengthened by our penetration in the Logistics & Transport sector, since 2009 we have carried out a periodically updated salary survey for the exclusive use of companies in the Logistics and Transportation and Global forwarding, which has become an expected appointment.
In a heterogeneous sector such as that of logistics and transport, the sample of participating companies is composed of a significant group of national and multinational companies of medium - small and large size.
The survey compares the salaries (fixed and variable salaries, benefits) of commercial and operational roles, nationally and by area, comparing the averages, medians, minimums and maximums depending on the size of the company. The personal characteristics of the persons holding the roles examined accompany the remuneration information.


We only take on assignments that we believe we can carry out successfully and we are committed to continuing the research until the result is achieved. In carrying out the assignment, we strictly adhere to the code of ethics common to international consulting companies, as well as the dictates of Legislative Decree 196/2003 relating to privacy.